Physical & Land Development Facilitation

Development approvals are required when any investor intends to physically develop his land. ISC facilitates investors in the whole lifecycle of the development stages, from securing the site until completion of the building ready for occupation and operation. ISC works closely with many government agencies to expedite the approval process.


Business Advisory Facilitation

ISC provides end to end scope of services in assisting selected investors in obtaining various regulatory approvals, covering the whole lifecycle of the investment process. ISC acts as the principal coordinating and facilitating agent; a bridge between the investors and various government agencies involved in issuing approvals.


Expatriate Facilitation

ISC has been working closely with the Immigration Department to facilitate the issuance of employment passes to the expatriates attached to these investors and local companies who may need to employ expatriates. IRDA has been empowered by the Ministry of Home Affair to process and approve the expatriate’s Employment Pass for investor within the five promoted…


Business Lifecycle


To facilitate an investor’s entry into the economy; to assist in analyzing investment decisions


To facilitate an investor’s business and operations setup requirements


To assist an investor in maintaining his business in good standing. Facilitating reinvestment decisions in the future

Policy Advocacy

To improve the investment climate by establishing effective feedback loop between investors and the government.

How To Qualify For Facilitation

Submit Investment Proposal

Share with us your investment proposal for review

Investment Commitee

Committee will evaluate the proposal and identify corresponding facilitation before providing the results

ISC Facilitation

Successful proposals qualify for identified ISC facilitation