Topics Details Approving Authority
Business registration Registering a private/public company is governed under ACT 1965.   Companies Commission of Malaysia
Business License Any type of business need to get principal approval from respective agencies/ministries. Application for an individual license must be made to relevant ministries depends on your type of business Ministry
Premises License Obtain premises license governed under Local Government Act 1976  Local Authority
Employment Registering employees with Employee Providence Fund (EPF) governed under EPF Act 1991 Employee Providence Fund
Registering employees with Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) governed under Social Security Act 1969  
Registering employees with Inland Revenue Board Malaysia governed under Income Tax (Deduction from remuneration) Rules 1994) Inland Revenue Board Malaysia
Obtain approval and submit application for expatriate postsgovernedunder Immigration Act 1959/1963 & Immigration Regulation 1963. Immigration Department of Malaysia
Taxation Payment of corporate tax (Income Tax Act 1967) to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia  Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia
Assessment tax governed by Local Government Act 1976 Local Authority
Quit Rent Tax governed under Local Government Act 1976 State Land Office

The following table summarize the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the process of setting up till the operation of business in Iskandar Malaysia:

No Agencies Function
1 Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)
  • to promote foreign and local investments in the manufacturing and services sectors
  • to undertake planning for industrial development in Malaysia
  • to evaluate applications for manufacturing licences and expatriate posts; tax incentives for manufacturing activities, tourism, R&D, training institutions and software development; and duty exemption on raw materials, components and machinery
  • to assist companies in the implementation and operation of their projects, and offer assistance through direct consultation and co-operation with the relevant authorities at both the federal and state levels
2 Immigration
  • Issuing of passports and travel documents to Malaysian Citizens and Permanent Residents.
  • Issuing of visas, passes and permits to Foreign Nationals entering Malaysia.
  • Administering and managing the movement of people at authorised entry and exit points.
  • Enforcing the Immigration Act 1959/63, Immigration Regulations 1963 and Passport Act 1966.
3 Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
  • To regulate matters relating to corporations, companies and businesses in relation to laws administrated;
  • To encourage and promote proper conduct amongst directors, secretaries, managers and other officers of a corporation, self-regulated corporations, companies, businesses, industry groups and professional bodies in the corporate sector in order to ensure that all corporate and business activities are conducted in accordance with established norms of good corporate governance;
  • To carry out all such activities and do all such things as are necessary or advantageous and proper for the administration of the Companies Commission or for such other purpose as may be directed by the Minister.
4 Royal Malaysian Customs Department
  • Execute process related to custom clearance, levi, customs duty, eksais, import duty exemption
  • Malaysia Goods & Services Tax (GST)   
5 Local Authority
  • Issuing and controlling business license
  • As the governing authority and ensure that all activities in the area of ​​administration according to law
6 Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia
  • To initiate action on the property and land transfer instruments for the assessment of stamp duties
  • To assess instruments other than property and land transfer instruments