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To assist investors in realizing their investments in Iskandar Malaysia, IRDA has set up a facilitation division called Iskandar Service Centre (ISC). There are two broad categories of services provided by ISC, Business Advisory service and Physical Development service including land matters. ISC provides end to end scope of services in assisting selected investors in obtaining various regulatory approvals, covering the whole lifecycle of the investment process.ISC acts as the principal coordinating and facilitating agent; a bridge between the investors and various government agencies involved in issuing approvals. ISC facilitates by means various collaborative taskforces and committees involving multi-agencies, and further enhanced by various high level decisions making a venues which IRDA is directly involved in.

ISC provides value-added services that are unique and transparent, which may not be provided by any private consultants. ISC’s facilitation results in expedited approval processing time which is crucial to the investors.  ISC not only facilitates approval processing, it also facilitates the creation, clarification or improvement of various policies related to specific types of investment. This would require constant engagement between relevant government agencies, industrial players and subject matter experts. To enjoy such a service, investors may be charged with certain amount of facilitation fees. These fees are separate from the statutory processing fees imposed by the approving agencies.

Business Lifecycle

To facilitate a foreign investor's entry into the economy; to assist in analyzing investment decisions
To facilitate a foreign investor's business and operations setup requirements
To assist a foreign investor in maintaining his business in a good standing. Facilitating reinvestment decisions in the future
Policy Advocacy
To improve an investment climate by establishing an effective feedback between a foreign investor and government.

How to qualify our services

Submit Investment Proposal

Share with us your investment proposal for review 

Investment Commitee

Committee will evaluate the proposal and identify corresponding facilitation before providing the results 

ISC Facilitation

Successful proposal qualify for identified ISC facilitation