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Key Project

Current & Recent Key Projects & Programmes Status
Landscaping of Sg Segget and Upgrading Jalan Wong Ah Fook

The new Sungai Segget landscape is enlivened with elements and components based on Johor heritage identity and makes the area more holistic in terms of commercial, cultural and recreational development and usage. The new Sungai Segget will attract more tourists and locals to enliven the city centre and is expected will boost the economy to help the community around Sungai Segget and Johor Bahru city centre.
This project is Phase 3 of the Sungai Segget Rejuvenation Project. Previously, Phase 1 involved the ‘Centralised Sewerage Treatment Plan’ and Phase 2 involved the ‘Flood Mitigation System and Sewerage System’.
Iskandar Rapid Transit (IRT)

The entire IRT system will be about 300 kilometres, comprising 90% of service access within the area of Iskandar Malaysia. It covers 51 kilometres of BRT trunk lines with special routes, 26 direct-pass systems and 42 feeder systems. The project will also require 1,000 buses of various designs with the ability to carry between 30 to 200 passengers per trip.
Construction of 1st station expected to start in Q1 2023.
Tunku Mahkota Ismail Youth Centre (TMIYC) Iskandar Puteri

This 27-acre youth centre will empower youth with the platform and environment to develop themselves through participation or organisation of youth related activities and programmes. Located in Iskandar Puteri, next to Educity, the centre is divided into 2 zones, the SOCIAL HAB Zone and the Active Zone. The SOCIAL HAB ZONE offer indoor and outdoor event venues, a restaurant, an F&B space for 6 stores, a retail space for 9 stores, a lookout tower, a studio, office spaces, an arts & culture park and a children park while the Active zone offers a gymnasium, a velodrome and a BMX track. Prior to this, IRDA has also completed the Tunku Mahkota Ismail Youth Centre (TMIYC) Hutan Bandar located in Hutan Bandar MBJB and has handed over the venue to Johor Bahru City Council since its opening in December 2020.
Construction expected to start in Q2 2023
Kempas Lama – PLUS Interchange

Once ready, the interchange will shorten travel time from Kempas to Johor Baru city centre from the present 56 minutes to 40 minutes. The project will replace the existing traffic lights with four loops and ramps to ensure smooth and continuous traffic flow.
IM-Elevated Interchange from Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) – JB City Centre - Stulang Laut
Construction expected to start in Q1 2023.
Iskandar Malaysia Urban Observatory (IMUO)

IMUO is a ‘single window’ that integrates data from various authoritative sources and transforms them into actionable information for better policy making and well-informed decision making. This will also enhance spatial planning and provide better public policies that are benchmarked to international standards and result to better coordinated policies and planning processes with subnational governments. In setting the momentum for Digital Economy in Iskandar Malaysia, IMUO collaborates with its partners in developing smart technology that will be utilised in Smart City Solutions through various pilot projects currently undergoing for making this city smarter.
Low Carbon Society Blueprint IM (LCSBPIM) 2030

This 2nd edition of the LCSBPIM has been enhanced to include climate mitigation and adaptation actions towards developing cities and society that are more resilient towards climate change. LCSBPIM 2030 CAP will help to achieve the Climate Mitigation Target for Iskandar Malaysia by reducing the intensity of GHG emission by up to 70 % in 2030 by using 2010 as the baseline year. In summary, there are 9 mitigation actions, 25 sub-mitigation actions, and 61 mitigation measures. Its 9 mitigation actions include ‘Green Sustainable Value Chain’, ‘Sustainable Smart Farming’, ‘Sustainable, Resilient & Liveable Cities’, ‘Natural Environment & Habitats’, ‘Green Transportation & Mobility’, ‘Sustainable Waste Management’, ‘Consensus Building & Management’, ‘Green & Renewable Energy’ and ‘Low Carbon Green Building & Infrastructure’.
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