About Smart City Iskandar Malaysia

Can you imagine what a truly integrated city of the future would be like? One that combines the material superiority of an advanced economy with the value-based lifestyle of a traditional society? You don’t have to wait anymore; that future is here. Leading the way in fully realizing the ambitions and values of a forward-thinking region, Smart City Iskandar Malaysia is proud to present its achievements in the creation of this pilot program for Smart cities across Malaysia and the region!

Smart City Iskandar Malaysia Framework

The foundations of this framework lie in a deeply researched model that enables the implementation of our grandest vision. The 3 Areas of Economy, Environment and Social cross-balances with the 6 Dimensions of Smart Economy, Smart Governance, Smart Environment, Smart Mobility, Smart People and Smart Living to create a foundational lattice upon which we are building the city of our dreams.

Characteristics of the 6 Dimensions