Iskandar Malaysia Brochures

Here is where you can find and download brochures about Iskandar Malaysia and IRDA. The brochures on the site are produced by IRDA.

Five Year Progress Report



Public Housing Information in Iskandar Malaysia (PRISMA)


  Public Housing Information In Iskandar Malaysia (PRISMA)

The document include:

  1. Brochure
  2. Form (Borang Permohonan Sewa Perumahan)
  3. Form (Borang Permohonan Gerai/Kedai Sewa)

Iskandar Malaysia Investment Guide



  Electrical & Electronics

Financial Services

  Food & Agro Processing



  Petrochem & Oleochem



Iskandar Malaysia Official Brochures

Iskandar Malaysia
The Rise of A New Metropolis

  Investing In Iskandar Malaysia

  Iskandar Regional Development Authority Annual Report 2010

Iskandar Regional Development Authority Annual Report 2009

  Iskandar Regional Development Authority Annual Report 2008

Important Facts and Details on the 5 Flagship Zones

Flagship A
Johor Bahru
City Centre
English (PDF, 2.5MB)


Flagship D
Eastern Gate
English (PDF, 2.7MB)


Flagship B

English (PDF, 1.9MB)


Flagship E

English (PDF, 2.4MB)

Flagship C
Western Gate
English (PDF, 2.5MB)


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